House Flipper Save Game Location

The House Flipper save game location is in the user’s AppData folder. To access this folder, open File Explorer and paste %appdata% into the address bar. Then press Enter to be taken to the Roaming folder within AppData.

Within this folder there should be a House Flipper subfolder, which contains all saved games for that specific user profile on the computer. The files within this folder are stored as .hfsv files and can easily be copied or moved between computers if needed.

If you’re playing House Flipper and need to save your game, the location of the saved file is typically in a folder titled “My Games” within the user directory on your computer. Your saved game will be named something like “houseflipper_savegame1”. This can vary depending on if you have multiple saves or which version of House Flipper you are playing.

If you ever lose your save progress, simply navigate to this folder and copy/paste it into a different location for safekeeping!

House Flipper Save Game Location


How Do I Recover My House Flipper Save Files?

If you’ve been playing House Flipper and have lost your save files, never fear! It’s possible to recover them with a few simple steps. First, make sure that you’ve already checked the “save game” folder in the main installation directory of House Flipper – this is where all your saved games should be stored.

If it’s not there, then go ahead and check the following folders too: Documents > My Games > House Flipper > Saves; AppData\Roaming\HouseFlipperGame\Saves; or Steam Library > userdata > [yourSteamID]> 249710> remote. If none of these locations contain your saves then unfortunately they may have been deleted from your computer due to an update or some other issue. If this is the case, don’t worry as there are still options for recovering those precious progress files!

One way is to use a data recovery program such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free or Recuva which can scan for deleted files on your hard drive and help you get them back. Alternatively, if you’re using Steam then try contacting their support team who might be able to provide assistance in restoring any lost save data from their servers (although this will depend on how recently they were backed up). Finally, if all else fails then consider starting over again with a new save file – while losing hours worth of progress isn’t ideal it could just be what’s needed in order to get back into House Flipper and continue enjoying its immersive home renovation experience!

Does House Flipper Save Automatically?

House Flipper is an incredibly popular game that allows players to buy, renovate and sell homes. One of the most important aspects of playing this game is being able to save your progress so you don’t have to start over every time you play. So, does House Flipper save automatically?

The answer is yes! Every time you make a purchase or complete a renovation, the game will automatically save your progress so that when you come back later, all your hard work will still be there. This means that if something happens and you need to quit unexpectedly, all of your progress won’t be lost.

Additionally, House Flipper also offers manual saving options which allow players to manually select where they want their saved games located for quick access in case of emergency or if they just want multiple saves at different points in the game.

Is There Multiple Saves in House Flipper?

House Flipper is a unique home renovation and interior design game that allows players to buy, repair, and remodel houses. The goal is to turn an old rundown house into something beautiful, all while managing budgets and keeping within the player’s chosen style. One of the most popular features of House Flipper is its multiple save options which allow players to go back and make changes without having to start over from scratch each time!

This feature ensures that you can always come back later on if needed or just for fun. With multiple saves in House Flipper, there are no limits when it comes to creativity as you can customize your dream house exactly how you want it without worrying about any ‘do-overs’ in case things don’t work out perfectly the first time around.

Does House Flipper Save on Steam Cloud?

Yes, House Flipper does support Steam Cloud saving. This means that all of your game progress and settings can be stored on the cloud so they’re available across any computer you use to play the game. You don’t need to worry about losing your saves when switching machines or if something goes wrong with a particular machine.

All of your progress is securely backed up in the cloud and can be restored at any time so you never have to start from scratch again! The convenience and security offered by Steam Cloud makes it an invaluable tool for serious gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games without having to worry about data loss due to technical issues.

House Flipper: How To Restore Lost Save Files

House Flipper Save Game Editor

House Flipper Save Game Editor is a great tool that allows players to make changes to their save games and customize them according to their preferences. With this editor, users can adjust the money they have, add items, change house decoration and much more. It’s a perfect way for anyone looking to get creative with their House Flipper game experience!

House Flipper Save Game 100

House Flipper Save Game 100 is a mod for the popular home renovation simulator, House Flipper. The mod allows players to easily skip levels and progress further into the game without having to complete all of the in-game tasks. This can be very helpful when stuck on a particularly difficult level or if you just want to enjoy more of what House Flipper has to offer without spending too much time grinding out objectives.

House Flipper Save Missing

House Flipper Save Missing is an online game that allows players to manage, renovate and decorate homes. Players can access a variety of tools to complete tasks such as painting walls, adding furniture and changing flooring. The goal of the game is to restore dilapidated houses in order to make them livable again.

House Flipper Save Missing also offers a challenge mode for experienced gamers who want to test their skills even further by completing projects within a set time limit or budget.

House Flipper Restore Save

House Flipper Restore Save is a feature that allows players to save their progress in the game and restore it at any time. This is especially useful for those who want to experiment with different home designs without losing all of their hard work. With House Flipper Restore Save, you can easily pick up where you left off and continue your renovations without having to start from scratch each time.


Overall, this blog post provided a helpful guide to finding the House Flipper save game location. It went through the necessary steps for Windows and Mac users to navigate their file system in order to locate where the game saves files. This can be useful if you want to back up your progress or transfer it from one computer to another.

With this knowledge, you should now have no trouble accessing your save games!

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